Leadership Transformation Through Business Transformation



Game Changers Program is the Leadership Transformation Initiativeto build next generation leaders in the organization. Each ‘Game Changer’ was carefully chosen by the organization and the program has been thoroughly customized to individual and organization needs.

The objective of the program is to

  • Provide Hi-potential employees an opportunity to exhibit potential by enabling them to pursue Business impact Team projects
  • Create a pool of tested ready now candidates for succession
  • Produce tangible results that show return on investment

Step I: Profiling of the Participants: Identifying the participants’ developmental needs based on the assessment

  • People Business (PB) conducted 360 Degree assessment in April 2015, to assess the participants on the essential Leadership Behaviors required to perform effectively at their current and higher levels.
  • From  360 degree assessment, a customized feedback report was created for each participant with specific inputs on their strengths and development areas.
  • For each participant, two development areas were identified through the  360 instrument and supervisor engagement

Step II: Educate and Development Planning: Understanding the need to invest time & effort for individual transformation

  • Orientation to the participants to Game Changers program was conducted to generate buy-in and commitment from them
  • Country Business Leaders identified an opportunity for team projects and translated them into a sound business proposition (Business Impact Projects (BIPs))
  • Action learning teams with4-5 participants each across geographies and functional domains were identified and BIPs were assigned to them
  • Facilitated PB coach and participant conversation to understand and agree on developmental plan.

Step III: Development Journey: Customizing the program with a relevant mix of knowledge acquisition, implementation & reflection

  • Participants were provided with customized journals in line with the identified leadership behaviors. Each journal consists of a mix of Self Study, Self-Reflection and In-Place Activities
  • Throughout the entire course of the project, each participant was coached through regular one-on-one coaching sessions by PB Coaches and mentored by the organizations’ Leaders
  • Participants were asked to pursue and analyze reading material, followed up with on- the- job Business Impact Projects (BIP)
  • The one-on-one monthly conversations with the coach were mainly be focused on

o    understanding the progress made on the two identified leadership behaviors through reflection,

o    understanding the project progress and incorporation of learnings in implementing the project

o    Work on certain behaviors identified by the participant’s supervisor

Step IV: Project Review and Presentation: Measure the impact of the transformational journey by evaluating behavioral change & its impact on business outcomes

  • Bi-monthly conversations with participant’s supervisor on development progress.
  • Monthly reporting of progress and Mid-year review for participants
  • Final project presentation by each ALT on the Project and each individual on their transformation journey
  • The final evaluation showed that more than 70 % of the participants achieved their business impact goals through the project and 80 % of them showed a visible transformation on leadership behaviors

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