PB Study on Executive Coaching


People Business in research partnership with IIM Kozhikode conducted a study on the use and effective of coaching in Indian Organizations.

India is catching up with the United States in terms of  Executive Coaching. While the industry is only less than a percent what it is in the US in terms of numbers reported,  Executive Coaching is getting accepted and key  stakeholders who influence usage of same (CEOs and HR
Heads) are agreeing to the fact that it is making an impact in the organizations.
Executive Coaching is making its presence felt in two critical areas : The top management / senior management and the upcoming future leaders. By helping leaders to shape up their strategic thinking, leadership skills or how they are able to build effective teams, the role that executive coaches are playing is critical.
It is also interesting to note that as executive coaching as a profession is evolving in India, organizations are looking to engage with professional external coaches who have got business experience, built a reputation, and has expertise in the relevant area.

The link below provides the executive overview of the research.

Executive Coaching Study

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