Performance Coaching at a Top 4 Consulting firm


People Business partnered with a TOP 4 Global IT consulting firm to create a performance coaching culture in the organization.

The intervention focused on supporting the new managers, experienced managers, and leaders in creating a culture of coaching.

The program components:

The program consisted of four phases – Profile, Educate, Develop and evaluate.

A qualitative profiling was done in the first phase to understand what are the needs of managers at different levels. This was categorized in to skill and will issues. We also understood some of the underlying assumptions that are not supporting managers to be effective.

This was followed up with a 360 degree assessment based on the leadership behaviors of the firm. The 360 degree assessment provided us with the strengths and areas of development of each of the individuals.


The development journey was customized for the levels.

For the senior leaders, inputs were given on coaching skills and followed by a strengths finder workshop. The workshop also focused on how the leaders would be leveraging their strengths to coach the team members. The key action items based on the 360 degree feedback was also discussed with leaders through a feedback session from an external coach.

For the experienced managers, the focus was on building mentoring skills. A two day workshop focusing on team engagement, feedback and mentoring skills was provided to the managers. This was followed up with a six month intervention. Each of the experienced managers were asked to mentor a junior manager and was also supported with an external coach. The coach helped the experienced  manager to build mentoring skills and also helped in their own behavioral transformation with the help of a reflection journal.

The new managers were provided with more basic inputs on performance management and employee engagement. They were also provided with reflection journal and monthly group coaching. This helped the new managers to have more confidence in the role.


The nine month journey helped the firm to create a pool of managers who are more aware and engaged with their team members. This also led in a 14 % increase in the engagement survey results essentially with the focus on  the items related to “Me and My Manager”



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