The Balancing Act of an Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition is the foundation of a strong employer brand. Employee Value proposition is the tangible and intangible benefits of association with an employer brand. It is the promise that becomes central to the psychological contract between employees and employers. All organizations have a living employee value proposition and a brand – whether it’s articulated or not. However, sustainable employer brands articulate their value proposition, live it in their communication and employee experience, and constantly evolve them as per the need of the organization and the talent landscape.

People Business has done pioneering work in the space of employer branding. Having worked with employer brands that have created a space for them, we have found some interesting “balancing” acts while defining the employee value proposition.

Capture 1

An effective employee value proposition should be able to align the employee aspirations and what employers ask from employees. Each value proposition articulates this “Give” and the “Get”. The second aspect is on the current focus Vs future. Employee value proposition should be rooted in reality and at the same time be a stretch for enhancing the employee experience. However, too much future focus without looking at current reality can make the EVP aspirational and unable to touch the chord with employees.  The third element aligned to it would be the aspect of current vs future talent. An element of EVP should always be a stretch looking at the future talent group that the organization is planning to have to meet the business need. The fourth and the most difficult one would be balancing the homogeneity vs differences between business units, employee groups, and operations. A good EVP should be able to embrace the differences and project the organization as “one”.



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