Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the workshops going to be conducted?

The workshops will be conducted in SDA Bocconi Campus Mumbai. The venue details of the workshop will be communicated to you at the start of the programme to help you make your stay arrangements accordingly.

What are the dates for the workshops?

The dates for the workshop will be communicated at the start of the programme in order to help you make necessary travel arrangements.

What is the entire duration of the programme?

7 months

How will the Evaluation happen post the programme?

Business Transformation from ROI of projects and Leadership Transformation based on stakeholder/coach feedback

Will the programme fee include travel and stay?

The Programme Fee is inclusive of Programme Materials only that will be shared with you during the course of the programme. The fee Excludes Travel and Stay arrangements which you will be required to make at your end. We will share the details of accommodations that we have tie-ups with for ease of making arrangements.

How many days in total for the workshops?

8-10 days of classroom sessions

Tentative workshop topics are as follows:

  • ‘Business Simulation’ in Strategic Thinking & Business Acumen (2 days)
  • Drive Strategic Innovation (2 days)
  • Capitalize On Digital Transformation (2 days)
  • Understand and Lead Successful Change (2 days)

How many coaching sessions will be there?

8 individual coaching sessions

How will the coaching sessions be conducted?

The coaching sessions will be conducted virtually (over skype), telephonic or face-to-face as decided by the coach and the coachee on mutual convenience. The date and time for the coaching will be decided similarly as well.

Does the price of the programme include the GST?

The programme fee is INR 4,50,000 exclusive of the GST.

Who are internal mentors?

Internal Company Mentors will be assigned for your business impact projects. They will be your go-to person and guide you on the technical aspects of the projects as well as monitor progress.

Who will issue the certificate?

You will received a certification by SDA BOCCONI upon successful completion of the program requirements.

What will the development dossier contain?

Development Dossier is designed to provide a comprehensive roadmap on how to develop the on improvement areas and competencies as identified while profiling. Participants will be expected to work on specific behavioral/functional aspects in a phased but sequential manner. The Development Dossier will consists of in-place exercises, videos, YouTube movies, Ted talks, reference articles, in place exercises and reflections. Each month, the leader will focus on relevant competencies and work through the specified activities.

How and when will these leader connects happen?

Leader connects will happen through 2 webinars where you will get to engage with ex-CEOs. The dates for the same will be informed to you in advance.

Can we choose who will be coaching us during the development journey?

The coaches will be senior and with industry experience. There will be an opportunity for initial face to face meeting with the coaches to establish mutual coaching goals. In case either parties feel there is a disconnect, other opportunities will be explored.

How will the business projects be decided?

Transformational projects with clear ROI for the organisation will be selected in discussion with senior leadership of the organisation and the internal mentors who are selected.

Will the workshops happen at a stretch or in a phased manner?

The workshops will happen in a phased manner. Dates for the workshop will be informed to you well in advance.

Who is going to be my point of contact during the course of the programme?

A dedicated SPOC from PB will be assigned to you, who will help answer all your queries, guide and support you during the entire course of the journey.

How demanding is the programme going to be? Will I be able to successfully complete the program requirements which doing my daily job?

While the program is designed to be a stretch, elements of the programme have been curated in a manner that will allow you to apply the learnings on your job and develop.

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