Business Case for Employer Branding

In organizations today, employer branding is often misunderstood as employee communication. Typically, the communication department defines a message to be disseminated to prospective target employees on their employer brand and this is broadcasted through different mediums like print and digital media.

But is this effective? Not entirely as it may be limited in its purpose of reaching out to the right audience.

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The employer branding exercise and defining an employer value proposition- EVP could be far more integrated and scientific. The first step in an employer branding exercise and defining an EVP is building a suitable business case. The Business Case is linked to the challenges in the short-medium and long term that the company wishes to address through defining the EVP of the organization. This exercise is normally done internally by an employer branding core committee which would also define the metrics to measure the success of the employer branding exercise.

People Business has supported several organizations to define their EVP.

Given below are examples of some business cases for employer branding for different organizations

1. Large India Group:

Business Case: Change Image from a slow, steady group to a more aggressive, high-growth organization image

Key Outcome: Biggest win was changing the DNA, Culture, and infrastructure to being more youthful, forward-looking, and aggressive business.

2. MNC QSR Chain:

Business Case: Improving the ability to retain people especially in the frontline

Key Outcome: Improved retention levels by 40% in an 18-month period, with key initiatives in structure, rewards & incentivization of store staff

3. Large E-Commerce Firm:

Business Case: Attracting the right target profile especially in technology and ensuring high levels of retention

Key Outcome: Performance conversations consistently across levels implemented and streamlining of the recruitment process to ensure hiring of the right target profile

4. Top 3 Financial Services Firms Globally:

Business Case: To rebrand the Indian operations against their core business image

Key Outcome: Brought a balance in attracting talent with a long-term view vs. the millennial expectation of quicker gratification


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